Get ready for an unforgettable ride as we showcase some of the most challenging and unexpected moments faced by these bikers on their not-so-lucky day!

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To provide additional context and insight, I’ve added my own comments to this episode!
By learning from the mistakes of other riders, you can avoid making the same mistakes and become a safer and more skilled motorcycle rider.

Harley Davidson Close call –
Red Light Runner –
Crazy motorcycle moment –
Rider in trouble –
close call on the 2023 Yamaha R1 –
When I looked up from my mirror, this guy was already in front of me –
dude just walking not paying attention to anything –
corner full of gravel –
SUV makes a no look move into my lane –
Very close call with a very impatient driver –
Getting swiped while filtering –
Big Rock In The Cross Walk –
Biker in real trouble –
Hard to be a rider –
Ontario drivers I swear they’re getting worse and worse –
rider and gravel close call –
Crazy motorcycle moment –
Not a motorcycle close call with a field tractor –
Motorcycle close call –
No LIFE Like the BIKE LIFE –
Be carefull a car! –
How not to drive –
Driving fail –
Instant karma for the driver –

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  1. Roger Partner

    Notice after a near miss. Many motorcyclists go faster. It’s like to reassure they are still in control. But many accident have near misses. While looking back or shaking the fist. Another accident happens

  2. Timothy Mills

    60% of the riders in these videos were driving like CUNTS! If you drive like a cunt expect the worst🤷‍♂️
    I am an ex London dispatch rider,the best advice that I ever had was,😂wait for it😂
    When you are riding a motorcycle you are invisible!!!! The faster you go the more invisible you are!!!
    You can't expect some old git driving his F150 pickup to be able to judge your speed correctly🧐
    Think ahead,know your roads and anticipate the moron who is about to make you into a paraplegic😮
    FFS guys and gals its not always the other guys fault😉
    Get my drift?
    If you are gonna drive super fast,expect the worst.
    Lots of love Dredd❤

  3. MP petrikas

    Just a bunch of dick head bikers filming. Way to go morons

  4. Franc Klepec

    4:38 Trottel und dann noch aufregen. Was stimmt mit so Assis nicht?
    5:51 sehr schade, dass die anderen nicht über en drübergefahren sind.
    6:20 lol … beste Stelle ^^

  5. Александр Бондаренко

    Половина ситуаций глупая, вот прям нельзя обогнать или уступить, надо показать что едет байкер и чтобы все раступились.

  6. Jed Blavla

    Most Americans are the dumbest and most arrogant idiots on the planet

  7. Jed Blavla

    3:34 should not be on a motorcycle!!! He needs much much much much much MUCH MORE PRACTICE!!! Guy didn’t even have the common sense on how to go over a small ditch ffs. Blows my mind and stupid people are.

  8. Jed Blavla

    5:27, talk about late reactions ffs. What was he looking at to not realise a CAR with FULL BEAM coming directly towards him on a fkg highway?

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