Get ready for an unforgettable ride as we showcase some of the most challenging and unexpected moments faced by these bikers on their not-so-lucky day!

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To provide additional context and insight, I’ve added my own comments to this episode!
By learning from the mistakes of other riders, you can avoid making the same mistakes and become a safer and more skilled motorcycle rider.

Harley Davidson Close call –
Red Light Runner –
Crazy motorcycle moment –
Rider in trouble –
close call on the 2023 Yamaha R1 –
When I looked up from my mirror, this guy was already in front of me –
dude just walking not paying attention to anything –
corner full of gravel –
SUV makes a no look move into my lane –
Very close call with a very impatient driver –
Getting swiped while filtering –
Big Rock In The Cross Walk –
Biker in real trouble –
Hard to be a rider –
Ontario drivers I swear they’re getting worse and worse –
rider and gravel close call –
Crazy motorcycle moment –
Not a motorcycle close call with a field tractor –
Motorcycle close call –
No LIFE Like the BIKE LIFE –
Be carefull a car! –
How not to drive –
Driving fail –
Instant karma for the driver –

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  1. TC

    The Revving of the engine is the absolute dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Go out and get a real horn and put it on the bike!

  2. J FB

    I have riden bikes for 35 years now… and I am still shocked to see how many idiot bikers are out there.

    If you like to speed go to the race track and have fun and show off there if you are brave enough.

    Let's stop being stupid and foolish on public roads and endangering other people's lives. Please.

  3. MrMoth55

    When you drive as the video shows, you yourself have asked for the accident. Use your brain when you drive out there and help the car drivers to see you better. Way too much – Me me me in the clip, it's bad behavior…😘 be safe out there… ❤️

  4. Zippy T. Libertine

    My 85' K100rs came standard with a pair of FIAM horns. The dual tones and excellent volume made people snap their heads around and notice you like you were a Cadillac. Sometimes it pissed them off to see a bike I think.

  5. Espen Bøgh

    5.54: Kota Rips: "Hard to be a rider". Nope – it's hard to be a stupid biker speeding. Then we have to have the fake melody again from the bikers, – the accident was the road's fault – NEVER the biker's.

  6. Espen Bøgh

    8.11: Martin: "No LIFE Like the BIKE LIFE": Now there is another stupid story from the biker's side. It was not the one biker but – "one of the other bikers" who made a mistake. How pathetic!

  7. Espen Bøgh

    8.24: motogreets: "Be carefull a car!": Here 2 bikers show the classic stupidity many bikers do when they see an obstacle, – they don't brake and they don't ease off the throttle, – NO, bikers don't do that, they concentrate on one thing alone; "Where is the loophole around the obstacle"! There, so many discover that there was no loophole after all, and they cheated themselves.

  8. Espen Bøgh

    end- Joe458: "Instant karma for the driver": Here the biker rejoices at the van being followed by the police for driving on the shoulder, while the biker himself drives on the barrier surfaces for 10 seconds. previously, and which is also illegal. Bikers are probably compassionate people – but only with themselves.

  9. Morad Farah

    the second one had a green light but was placed on the wrong lane… And most of them should never use a bike ever…

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