Yes, it’s a lie, and you’re not seeing the whole picture. I don’t believe it’s anybody’s intention to deceive anyone but some people really struggle with this!
November is Men’s Health Month and today we talk about Men’s Mental Health. I share some of my personal experiences and my beliefs. Join me today as we take a cruise on a Harley-Davidson Street Glide through the scenic mountain roads of Tennessee.

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  1. Special Ed Presents

    Well said! People sometimes focus on your "shine", but not the sacrifice! The key word in the phrase "Ride Your Ride" is YOUR! Thats "keeping it real" brother! Thank you!

  2. Reggie Pate

    Great point of view and great word, my brother!!!

  3. Jim Berry

    Tall, excellent message my friend. You’re a good man and may God continue to bless you and your family.

  4. Ramezy R

    As a man and A veteran who suffers with PTSD My Harley and God have been in my corner in my darkest days. I appreciate you, For putting this Video out Tall. Real talk man. I didn’t know I needed that, This morning. ❤🤟🏼💯🫡.

  5. CountyLineMP

    I was just waiting on you to start preaching brother 😂. I grow to like you more and more each video. I appreciate what you do for the motorcycle community

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