Yes, it’s a lie, and you’re not seeing the whole picture. I don’t believe it’s anybody’s intention to deceive anyone but some people really struggle with this!
November is Men’s Health Month and today we talk about Men’s Mental Health. I share some of my personal experiences and my beliefs. Join me today as we take a cruise on a Harley-Davidson Street Glide through the scenic mountain roads of Tennessee.

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  1. Ivan Howard

    I needed to hear this Tall. Thanks for the words of wisdom. Stuff I already knew but I was good to hear from someone else.

  2. Frank Bean

    Very Well said Tall, "Faith, Patience, and Obedience" #1 in my book.

  3. Paint Can

    Happiness is circumstantial, joy only comes from God.

  4. Mark Story

    There you go preaching again. The word is why I love your channel ❤️ Keep on spreading the word the word is love.

  5. Raymond

    TT, im a watcher of your videos, have been for about three years!!! This one made me a New subscriber. I absolutely loved this & oh i ride a Street Glide….. Keep gliding Brother.

  6. Just G Kue

    There isnt enough ppl talking about it in general. its a generational thing. There isnt a true safe space for us to express ourselves….my bike has become my therapist

  7. Misael Mora

    In my early 20s I realized that this world is more focused on the negative than the positive so I force myself to see things in a positive view as much as possible and has help me through the years. Adding a motorcycle to my life has added to that, a motorcycle takes so much focus to ride that your mind has no option but to go blank and not think of the negative going on in our life’s that by the end of the ride has reset your mind and also puts your body through a good workout that demands a good rest by the end of the day.

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