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  1. Calamedis Gaunt

    That's termed as hysterical strength, it can't be proven though for obvious reasons sooooo…… Not really substantiated

  2. Phasomyr

    The mind is by far our most powerful tool.

  3. AirsoftsMVP

    When doing pull ups pretend your hanging off a cliff an if you don’t pull up you die!!!!

  4. Ben

    Ive been hit by adrenaline before because ive been scared so i decided to run and i didnt even feel anything, not out of breath or anything

  5. Anthony Nizetic

    yes my brother yes i get maad strenght when i think that someone that i love is gettibg kidnaped or something awfull and then the beast comes in me

  6. Automotive

    That's not the straight story… The psychiatrists said, you could do it to save your kids life, or you could do it to murder a foe, on a fight for your life situation. So Eddie found that he could tap into that kind of energy when he pictured himself ripping a human being in half that would otherwise cause great harm for him and his family. He said he picked one of the officials as a visualization aid on the day of the lift, and pulled the bar like he was ripping him in half. He said he visualized the person as a "demon" but personally I think he added that touch just not to sound so grim. And that's the story.

  7. Robert Romig

    The day after I turned eighteen my house burnt to the ground. A month later, a guy working with us cut his leg(½ off) from the left side of his knee…. all the way to the right side. I instantly put a tourniquet on his thigh. I picked up the 180lb dude and put him in a vehicle. Then drove him 95 mph(Geo Tracker) straight to the hospital. It felt like picking up a piece of paper. I called the hospital on my way there to let them know they needed to open an operating room.

  8. Haddock

    The actual trick here is the sports psychologist made Eddie think he would be able to unlock some secret hidden strength. By convincing him of this he gave him the confidence to lift his max. He wasn't able to access a secret reserve of strength but instead had the confidence to lift without any self doubt.

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