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  1. Justin Hockstead

    It's just adrenaline. It unlocks the rest of the bodies potential. We don't use 100% of our muscles because we would tear ourselves apart. That's why most people that do lift the cars immediately crash when it's done

  2. Okay Yes

    wait till he gets rhabdo (rhabdomyolysis)

  3. tubestick00

    Bro…. give us an example where a woman actually lifted a car off her child.
    Nice story. But just no

  4. Greogry Chimes

    He could prolly deadlift 1000kg with a epinephrine shot

  5. Jacob Can't he?

    Dude, you're a fucking tank. You don't have to lie to us about how you lifted that much. 😂

  6. Brian Fleming

    says it can't be faked and immediately proceeds to tell how he faked it lol. people are full of shit

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