My buddy nick decided to do an oil change on his Explorer (after lord knows how long) but forgot to drain the old oil out, and added an additional 5 quarts. He also managed to strip the oil filter threads on the block. I guess it drove a mile or so before shutting off with the 10 or so quarts in it. We replaced the battery, and then I helped him pull and replace the plugs and we tried to get it going, and then I noticed the stripped oil filter threads. Instead of messing with it, he ended up junking the Explorer and buying a Durango.

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  1. John All

    Don't Do Drugs Kids…
    overfilling didnt damage it… running without the filter did

  2. Gary Zhang

    I guess that nobody checked the oil level before and after the oil change?

  3. Ryan S

    Isn’t step one drain the oil not fill it up with more oil

  4. Roberto Guardado

    That's a new one , I'm such a fuck face!!! Ha ha 😆

  5. future shock

    He fill

    He drive

    But he don't drain

  6. future shock

    That’s why they call it an oil change 😆

  7. yurunning

    How do you forget to drain the oil. Its 1 of the first things you do.

  8. future shock

    dude, how drunk were you??? roflmao

  9. Richard Doherty

    You literally just had to drain out the 10 quarts and refill… why would you morons crank on it more? That could have easily been fixed.

  10. Slothman 710

    I've never seen something so frustrating and hilarious at the same time lmao so he swapped the filter just forgot to drain the pan? 😂

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