Can You Restore A Rusted Car? ” At Home ” – Part 9 – MORE ROTTED RUST REPAIRS.
My Friend Pete moves on to replacing the Rotted Rusted Rocker Panel and all the surrounding sheet metal that’s been torn out, scraped, and rusted from years before.. We head out to the Parts car and do some disassembling of a floor brace! It’s an EXTREME FAIL and a Dirty Nightmare, but we won’t stop here!
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  1. Leonard Gilbreath

    Wow Pete slow process with metal work and fabricating what you need but looks like you got it under control thumbs up ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  2. MJ

    Complete was of time, restoring an old junk Mercedes. WTF. Must be someone with a ton of cash they don't care about.

  3. Martin Jay

    What a nightmare, all that and you almost cut ur hand to boot.

  4. Anthony Conlon

    been watching your stuff since 2011 or 2012, always good info and straight talking, regular joes think they have hard jobs, try this shit,hardship ,keep up the good work from Ireland!

  5. Randall Anderson

    get off of his ass!!! fast forward in time to your place in time, there is somebody who still has to work to feed his family! the new administration is prepping workers, they don't
    have to do labour jobs anymore, vote for Dem's , free money for ever, with your paid for vote! I pray that guy in tex. still has the american work ethic, " Get'er Done. piss on you!

  6. Harry rutherford

    75 and after 4 door parts are a rare find with some things in the nova /skylark/apollo so have been learning the past 4 yrs .lucky no doubt to find a parts car. I got a patch pannel thats not 100% but im eliminating one area to asve me the initial headache once I get started on that one day hope in july at this rate . looks like the rusty thing did get all welded and cleaned up. longest part about welding is cleaning welds up flat lol.only thing that sucks.

  7. robert magni

    Pete you have built a new Mercedes in your shop

  8. M.B. Boyack

    A big job, not one for the faint hearted!

  9. Air Grabber

    For sure. Buy car's that are already running and restored! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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