Can You Restore A Rusted Car? ” At Home ” – Part 9 – MORE ROTTED RUST REPAIRS.
My Friend Pete moves on to replacing the Rotted Rusted Rocker Panel and all the surrounding sheet metal that’s been torn out, scraped, and rusted from years before.. We head out to the Parts car and do some disassembling of a floor brace! It’s an EXTREME FAIL and a Dirty Nightmare, but we won’t stop here!
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  1. Eric Lavoie

    You sure go the extra mile do it right

  2. Roger Willcox

    Put some heat in that place Pete!!!

  3. lookinglasstie

    restoring a rotted rust bucket is a waste of time!!

  4. Lp Lp

    Thanks for uploading the videos Pete ! Mr. Majestic better be happy !!

  5. Dean Kay

    The complexity of simply building a car that is rigid, no flexing around corners, quite and marketing wants to look a certain way, all adds up. People do not realize there are hundreds of parts to make 1 vehicle and every part has to fit. Each part is stamped to create a shape. Body techs know this & at this point is truly a puzzle, shaping each piece and creating a plan to decide the order they need to go in. One part affects the other. Pete has said this many time on this car; “It Should Never Have Been Rebuilt.” Not easy, not for the faint of heart or gives up easy. This car is truly coming back from the dead one piece at a time, after loosing 350 lbs in rust, before it ever came into the shop! A handful may have the talent, but few would do it. This one is beyond nightmare, Frankenstein is more like it! This car & entire video set would keep people from sleeping for years! Thanks Pete, for the explanation and sharing your plan of attack to get it done.

  6. Yaja Padila

    This guy is really our friend. ….
    Thanks Pete for making these videos.

  7. Jim K

    This is the stupidest work Pete has ever done. This pos Mercedes isn't rare and isn't worth much. I'm one for saving an old car if you can but damn. Doubt Pete got paid what this work was worth.

  8. Perry Tolliver

    Learn the most from my friend Pete

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