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  1. Robert Allen

    Thanks Pierre I just thought I was insane ,but often said in the past I love the challenge and the feeling when I work through the problem and solve it .

  2. Charles Cleaver

    Absolutely. This is half the reason I own three older Mercedes.

  3. indigitalformat

    Nice! I sent you an email! thanks!

  4. Sophia, the 380SL

    After 39 years, I finally have a hobby. Great for mental health and bonding with other owners.

  5. M B

    Pierre please do a trans tear down video on the 300td auto, no one has done that, its the weakest point of the car.

  6. Mario Alberti

    Thank you Pierre, another great video .

  7. Jhon Davidson

    Hello i have a 1983 380 sec i bent and broke one valve on the driver side head , so now im getting my heads rebuilt new valves two valve guides intake and exhuast any suggestions

  8. Tim Doreck

    I know this is way too late, The Headline caught my attention and I had to make a quick note.
    You hit that title of this video on the NAIL HEAD.
    My 1985 190D was sold to me by my long time Navy buddy in fully operational condition and it seems my attention (and $$) to this vehicle is greater than any vehicle I have owned. The pleasure is many times that. Ready to roll over at 300,000 miles.
    So much of the work I do and know when a job is too much. I found a small shop who is willing to work with me even on cost to some extent when that level of work does need to be carried out by one who has better skills than mine. I hope to pass it on to my 13-year-old granddaughter and she is excited about that since she has been with me on the good days and the bad days .

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