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  1. Andrew Moszkowski

    Smh give up the merci or the black drift rarri


    Dear lord i love that soind of that v12


    In my nect life i wana test drive one of those

  4. 916 Taz

    You guys don’t drive cars anymore like you used to getting into things with Choi or doing road-trips it’s all bs every car is broken and it’s constant updates just pick a new supercar and drive the hell out of it and take it places stop with this back and fourth with fixing please. Buy one sell one is annoying.

  5. Demon170

    Sorry but I had to leave your video to go find a 599 to straight pipe!

  6. Diamond Digger

    So SAD to hear about Ferrari's bankruptcy. should have stayed with what the customers wants… V8 and V12 no hybrid and EV bullshit….. RIP Ferrari we will miss you…..

  7. EnforcerX35

    Drained it with the click bait thumbnails and taking 3 episodes for a car sale reveal… lost interest in what car was sold.

    The channel is good stop trying to hard…

    PS more Mike Essa!

  8. Vern

    Seems you guys dont know how to work with money. The murci wasnt necessary in my opinion the ken block lambo has to stay. Its become daily bankruptcy and not daily driven exotics

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