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  1. Brock Dent

    1:21 Even though it says FRAGILE on the side he still drops it😂

  2. Chef Shlong

    the dysons are expensive proceeds to overpay for a c8 corvette

  3. Lambofambo180

    James, can you buy a 1999 Honda civic and mod it? It would be super funny and would probably get lots of views lol!!!

  4. FBI

    He bys super car no problem but he freaks out because of 38 dollar tape

  5. Elijah Cryderman

    Voice crack 30 seconds in

  6. msn2388

    Will the GT1 seats be more comfortable for daily driving then the GT2 seats if they are both in a 2LT?

    I'm considering the LT3 but I can't choose GT1 seats and if they are more comfortable that's more important to me.

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