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  1. Ron Coburn

    good show just put that bassani /chris rivas 2-1 on my 128 wow what a pipe

  2. 4 happy family members

    Is there a calculation used to work out how much compression is lost with later intake close time, trying to work out how much I will lose with standard 114 with 475G camshaft

  3. Paul Horvath

    I have a 2020 Silver FXLRS with now 8700 ks , is 110/120 achievable with the se 447 ? E 300s slip ons and stock Intake. Or 105hp and 115lbs ? I had the Opportunity to stretch it's legs last year Cooler weather sitting between 150-190 for bout 25 minutes.. Already a Very Capable Bike even compared to my recent hyper sport and previous 18 HD.

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