This is a brand new West Midlands Ambulance Service BMW X5 assigned as the Mental Health Triage car responding along with several other Ambulances, new and older. Enjoy!

Video edited with: Cyberlink PowerDirector 16

Country: UK
Force/Service: West Midlands Ambulance Service
Vehicle Make/Model: BMW X5, Fiat Ducato
Role: Mental Health Triage Team, Emergency Ambulance
Number Plate: PO18 HGY, DU18 BHP, DV18 UEO, DY66 WJU
Fleet Number: 5196, 4650, 4662, 4454
Camera Used: Sony FDR-AX53
Recorded in: December 2018
Published in: January 2019

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  1. Octane Parker

    NHS has no money, but can afford BMW X5, there are other cheaper yet just as capable cars.

  2. DragonEmergencyVideos

    Whoa why was bournbrooks pump on blues?
    Nice catches

  3. Coover

    Can somebody enlighten me as to why they have a "Mental Health Triage Car"?
    Are they expecting a multi cas. incident at a psychiatric facility on a regular occurrence?

  4. Coover

    I notice that the Fiat Ducato Unit 4454 has red and blue lights on the grille. All Australian police, ambulance and Fire vehicles have red and blue lights; is the UK following suit?

  5. 112 Uithoorn eo

    Like Nice One Greeding From The Netherlands

  6. Gordon Campbell

    I think the Mental Health Triage is a great addition to the ambulance service, I guess not all trusts do it but it frees up 2 paramedics, an ambulance and stretcher and gives MH patients the right treatment or support right at the point they need it.

  7. Ibnahmed

    Was there a police officer sitting next to the driver in the x5

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