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Helite Airbag Vests: CODE MADMAXY
Dynojet Power Commander:
Tappazeria Italia:

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  1. Dejenaras

    I would love to hit a track with you some day Max. I don't care how long it takes haha

  2. blk9mm

    When are you coming to Phoenix? I can help out with a ride from the airport granted I’m not working, I don’t mind man. Lmk and I’ll give you my contact info

  3. Troutdoors

    Bro, just go homeless on the trip. Be something to talk about later when you're 80 and losing your marbles

  4. My Life

    Riding like you ride if course motorcycles not gonna solve anything. It's just gonna make your life worse.

  5. Ragdoll Racing

    Miss you doing these vids like i said you got me into watching YouTube its not the same without you Maxy bayybeeee

  6. medic hholhar

    1000th person to like this video. Much love from Nigeria 🇳🇬

  7. Poor96SVT

    I def felt the first 2 min of this video. These past 6 months have been depressing af

  8. Randy McFly

    Congratulations on becoming a father <3

  9. Neophobic

    We love you bro! You probably hear it a lot, but everything will heal with time. Things will be up again soon. Just focus on family and all of the love that exists in your life. Theres plenty of it around you at home and here on YouTube. I'll look into what you already have going on, but if you dont already, I'd love to be able to donate to you somehow. I've followed your life for a while now and I wouldn't mind giving some extra support while you might need it.

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