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  1. Sydney Bunch

    Service isn’t just something you do it’s for a reason you do it, this dog should be honored in every way possible. This is not any ordinary funeral this looks like a respected funeral I’m proud this K9 had work and he finished it..

  2. Sydney Bunch

    When the dogs were barking that didn’t sound like happy, or mad, that sounded like a whine. 🥺 even they know what’s happening..😣😖

  3. Sydney Bunch

    I’m proud how long they made this this shows so much respect ✊🏾

  4. AV8R

    Thanks to all the K9s who serve. Just as those overseas with us, they are heros.

  5. Veronica Garcia

    These dogs are expensive to purchase and train. They are very serious about their K-9 jobs and are not paid. They deserve to be well taken care of and treated like any officer. When they pass I believe they should get a proper dedication and respect. They didn’t choose to be in that occupation but did their job with unconditional love. Their lives are short however in that time they contribute an amazing amount. All they want in return for their service is respect.

  6. Jerome Pasin

    The saddest momment is they walk the dog dead boddy and pepole says your sus and you are the imposter

  7. Jacob king

    So sorry for your losts My old dog past away 1 year ago her name is Jade 😭😭. So sorry for your losts Stay safe. I give all my love to the Dog

    can you tell me what the name is of the dog my name is Jacob

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