It’s the episode you’ve all been waiting for. We finally sit down with Donald Osborne, automotive enthusiast and valuation expert, guest star ot Jay Leno’s Garage, and host of the Audrain Museum Network! Join ABS and get to know the man behind the bowtie!


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  1. Alexander Carlsson

    Just a little tip; Try quitting your twitchy and nervous body language, It's incredibly disturbing to the content.
    Learn from Donald. Sit straight.

  2. Kenneth Black

    When I was in Pisa back in the 80's there was a "gang" of teens on Vespa's wearing Hells Angels jackets. Funniest thing I had ever seen.

  3. bfulks2001

    I totally get the Donald thing. It drives me nuts when someone calls my wife Jen or Jenny after I have told them her name is Jennifer. I also hate when someone call me B or Bri, is Brian so hard to pronounce?

  4. rewsqa guyewsqa

    Somehow, I end up here every single day

  5. John Davey

    Good evening Donald . It's rather akin trying to control children with the over protective parents watching behind ! From the late 1960's ýou were bereft of the european spec' cars . It was very interesting that the guy's enjoyed the 'bugeye" , so basic but such fun ! And the chrome bumper M.G.B . G.T was indeed a very attractive and pre emmission bundle of fun. I won't bore you with my late brother overtaking me in his GT with our mother in the passengers seat and my sister in the rear luggage space laughing at me in my mini as they sped past me in a series of very tight "S" bends at 2 in the morning on our way back home from a night out ! ……The one that got away ? My good lady wouldn't give me the "Green light " to buy a Ferrari 250 GTO in 1978 for £4750.00p !!!! I believe Nick Mason paid £37k for it 6months later … l must meet him next year to verify . Oh and the best car l ever had ? Probably my series 1 4.2 Auto XJ6 . As a 23 year old in 1976 oh my! But as a 19 year old my Triumph 2.5 p.i mk2 ….oh my goodness , what a car . Thanks to all !

  6. L3Trip - Larry

    Great stories and lots of laughs! Well done.

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