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  1. dakota croasdale

    If he would just stick to newer trucks, id love his content. Otherwise he's a scumbag

  2. lucas johnstone

    Everyone’s hate just fuels his incentive and I thinks it’s beautiful WD is hands down one of the biggest trolls of all time

  3. Redacted Redacted

    Onlyfans, really? No, there is based platforms to post to on, Odysse and Bitchute are better alternatives then onlyfans.

  4. Brown_and_Curly_ NE_Girly

    Why would anyone hate him? Cause he knows that white adolescent males drive YouTube viewership? Sounds like he’s here to make a living.

  5. Anon Nymous

    He's kind of a dick, but, he's a genuinely very funny dick.

  6. SingleCabCliff

    He’s doing his thing and that in turn receives haters. Haters don’t do what they want to do with their lives but simply invoke negativity on others for their success. Cody gives zero f’s about what many others care about…material possessions.

  7. Hoovies Garage

    I have a few cars I would like to send him, one Bentley especially.

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