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  1. saspeedwayrider

    Good on ya brother. Hard to talk about these things let alone on camera to the world man. I'm like you dirtbike saved my life💪


    Suffer with it myself near 20yrs
    friend circle shrunk so true

    I think Lot people affraid to talk about it as there scared being labled as mental case or suicide case
    Which IS NOT THE CASE it effects everyone different

    myself its anxiety & panic attacks chopping centers, filling out documents & city my big hate

  3. Ride A Dirty Planet

    Proud of you mate. I feel privileged to hang out with someone as gutsy as yourself who is not afraid to say that it’s okay to have these difficult conversations and give positive solutions to those who may not know where to start.✊️

  4. Peter Martin

    Broomey you are a legend, i dont suffer the symtoms you have had, but, thanks for saying it, as it is, from your side, i constantly think about my next ride? we do the verge/single track stuff and i cant get enough of it because the feeling after the ride is just one of " that was just the best day ever " total mind numbiness" for about 4 hrs, just you and the trail!!!!!! Maybe we can all get together and open our forest/national parks and even our verges under the banner of "it's good for our mental health" coz it sure helps my mental health!!!! Love your work

  5. Wouter van Dijk

    Hi mate, came across this vid randomly while watching some dirtbike review movies. Mate, really strong and brave message man. You can be proud knowing where you were, and now sharing your experience with others. Thanks heaps. Keep up the good work, and keep riding!

  6. JoeJoe Moto

    Good on you mate!! What a great topic to cover! All Aussie men need to hear this!

  7. Sam Paterson

    Respect to your courage doing this. Getting back into bikes dug me out of a hole too. Good on ya for putting it out there that blokes need to look after themselves at some point 👍

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