Watch Ford GT drivers, Harry Tincknell and Stefan Mücke, as they reveal the physical and mental pressures they endure ahead of Le Mans 24 Hours. Fitness experts explain the importance of ergonomics, nutrition and exercise – a fascinating insight into just what it takes to prepare for this legendary event.

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  1. Ponygt 662

    How is Stefan Mucke after the crash?

  2. TheOzcar17

    wow, i didnt have idea that harry drives a ford GT, so awesome to see he's with ford. It's must be so cool go from Jota Sport to Ford and drive the insane GT. Good luck!


    There's no need to put the subtitles by default, they all speak perfect English……

  4. Михаил Александрович

    У нас в России водители маршруток точно такие гонщики….

  5. JRrocksnascar1

    I think Im taking this iracing 24hr thing to seriously

  6. Glenn Browne

    would you have the specific workouts

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