This is an incredibly serious episode with new information that I wanted to get to my fellow veteran pilots receiving VA disability right away. Please use the resources below to inform yourself further about what the FAA plans to do with you if you are receiving VA disability and did not disclose this on your MedXpress application for a medical certificate. There were approximately 4700 US veteran pilots that allegedly didn’t disclose this information and the FAA wants to bring all into compliance. Hopefully you are aware having received a certified letter from the FAA. There is amnesty for most, but apparently NOT for the 4th “bucket” receiving 70 percent VA disability and were less than truthful more than once on MedXpress. This will leave a number of pilots grounded and for some, exposed to litigation from AGC-300 (FAA’s litigation office). Please reach out to me if you’d be willing to discuss your case on Part 2 of this episode where I plan to bring in a panel of those more knowledgable than me. I’m with you as your brother in arms and am pulling for you. I believe in amnesty for one, amnesty for all. To be continued…

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FAA Order 2150.3C with Changes 1-11:


BasicMed Disqualifying medical conditions:

AME Guide:

VA Disability Ratings:

Pilot Mental Health Campaign:

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  1. cpg 727

    So clearly by going after only first and second class medical holders, and no mention of third class or basic med holders, the FAA is targeting pilots for hire.

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