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On September 30th, I will ride in a huge worldwide event called the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. This ride is to promote awareness of men’s mental health and prostate cancer. I know this is something that makes all of us men uncomfortable, but that’s all the more reason to participate.

If you want to ride in the event, you have to register, so check out the website at:

You can also sponsor me by going to

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  1. k Pont

    You're absolutely right, and I definitely support you.

  2. Gil Sanders

    I definitely support you as i have, and still occasionally struggle with depression. I can only imagine that riding won't only be fun for me, but also very therapeutic. 😁

  3. Asphalt Traveler w/ The Bearded Sailor

    I will be taking part in this ride also in San Antonio Tx already signed up. I'll be recording and posting the ride. Bros have to support Bros

  4. Brad Bmwrs

    I think it’s really a great thing that you are doing your part to help bring awareness to a serious issue that we as men like to ignore. Let’s hope that people will get the professional help that they need. Good job.

  5. Salia

    I completely agree with you on everything. I do support woman 100% but, I do believe that there been just a little too much focus on them 24/7 with all the protests, MeToo, etc. It’s only fair and right that us men get such an amazing event like this. I also applaud and wish you the best of luck at your doctors appointment. With today’s doctors, you’ll be in great hands. 👍🏽

  6. Bryan Frederick

    Will be riding with group out of Huntsville AL wear your Sunday Best be a Damper Dan for a day its lots of Fun an a good cause. Being a owner operator of a tri axle dump truck I tend to let my bussiness run my life instead of Me running it. REMEMBER TO STOP AN SMELL THE ROSE'S one Huge Reason I Ride 😎

  7. MotoKari

    I support you. 🙏 Mental health is a difficult and uncomfortable topic, which is sad considering that mental health issues warrant as much attention as physical health issues. Good for you for bringing this up and getting the discussion going, and enjoy the DGR!

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