As a student pilot or flight instructor, there’s a lot you don’t learn about becoming an airline pilot until you’re doing the job EVERY DAY! While I love my job, there are a few pros and cons you should be prepared for. Here are the top 10 things I wish I’d known, or had better preparation for, before becoming an airline pilot. (Cockpit scenes filmed under Part 91 with approval of Envoy Air, Inc.)

The videos I produce are the first example of an airline approved, comprehensive view of becoming an airline pilot. Each video is about a specific topic, something I wish I’d learned before I started flying as a professional pilot. What do you want to learn? Leave me a comment below!

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YouTube Video Chapters
0:00 I Love My Job, But…
0:22 Commuting Is Tough
1:09 Eating Habits On The Road
1:44 Learn To Be Outgoing
2:20 Monthly Schedules Run Your Life
2:46 Know Your Contract, WELL
3:28 Staying In Shape On The Road
4:12 Flying Large vs. Small Regional Jets
4:50 Visual Approaches Aren’t Easy In Jets
5:34 The Destination Isn’t Important
6:05 It Can Be A Hard, Tiring Job
6:50 This Job Is All About Attitude

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  1. A Good Boy

    Vanity, Vanity, Vanity……

    Everything is Vanity……

    This world is filled with Vanity……

    So much time spent on pursuing money, drugs, sex, marriage, job, alcohol, admission, party, looking attractive, car, homes, retirement…….which infact is here today and gone tomorrow…..

    But little to no time spent on the one and most important thing in out entire lifetime……

    Are you….yes you my friend……prepared for the Judgment day??
    Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior because let's be honest we are all sinners and have sinned and can never make it to heaven on our own strength…..but u don't have to, cause Jesus has already made a way for you…..all you need to do is accept him into ur life and repent of your sins ✝️❤️

  2. Ben Felps

    All jobs require hard work. I would just much rather be working hard while not sitting at a desk. but that’s not true for everyone

  3. Billion Dollar Mindset

    I’m 19 a nurse and interested in becoming a pilot

  4. Trey Weaver

    What if i know a guy that works for the same airline is it possible for us to fly routes together

    Also what if I'm the type that wants to be at church every Sunday how does that work are you allowed to ask to not work on Sunday for religious reasons???

  5. MarioLoco03

    Sounds just like a desk job, just cooler.

  6. Leeno

    Always wanted to be a pilot, I’m 17 and I used to fly gliders too. Always loved it but flight is just so expensive. I would spend years trying to pay it back. Not sure if it’s worth it anymore

  7. Swayne Martin

    Pilots have a tough job… Being on the road and missing lots of time with friends and family is my least favorite part. That said, I love aviation and I love flying. What else do you want to learn about becoming an airline pilot? Leave me a comment with an idea!

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