Hello all and welcome back! In this segment, we get to work in the transmission and final drive reassembly. We cover installation of the reverse idler gear as well as the countershaft & bearings. We also go through a number of seals in the transmission, and I make sure to include the numbers (also listed below). Be sure to visit the GoFundMe link below to contribute to the cause that this project is helping to bring awareness to. Thanks for watching and wrenching with me, and stay tuned!

Below is a compiled parts list for the transmission seals, gaskets, and bearings:
PTO Seal – 59401D/358790R91/71910C1 – SKF 473010 or 16246
PTO Sealing Ring – 58419D
PTO Lever Seal – Factory # 70268D/358796R91/488560R91/358831R91 – SKF 6925
Trans Input Shaft Seal – 79634H/383159R91 – SKF 18733
Countershaft Seal – 43308D/71701C1/356502R91 – SKF 13602
Hydraulic Drive Seal – 43509D/938294R91SKF 13649
Rear Axle Seal (2) – 43722D/SKF 25043/National 455001S
Belt Pulley Seal – 49177D / 358783R91 / 358822R91 / SKF 18580 / 389407R92 / National 472439
Brake Pedal Shaft Seal (2) –380959R91 – 476838 National
Differential Brake Seals (2) – 48498D / 358777R91 / 360252R91 / 76510C91 – National 416444
Rear Axle Felt Seal (2) – 43720D
Belt Pulley Felt Seal – 49133D
Pinion Cage Seals (2) – 4222D
Axle Seal Cap Gasket (2): 1342399C1
Top Cover Gasket: 48686D
PTO Assembly Gasket: 1342394C1
Countershaft Seal Carrier Gasket: 1342395C1
Input Shaft Seal Carrier Gasket: 47896D
Input Shaft Bearing Carrier Gasket: 1342396C1
Axle Housing Gasket (2): 49789D
Belt Pulley Drive Shaft Cover Gasket: 54538D (no avail)
Belt Pulley housing to top cover Gasket: 49619DA/1342401C1
Belt Pulley Drive Shaft Bushing: 49143D (Discontinued)
Transmission Bearings:
Axle bearings:
Inner – ST227B (New Departure 1212AG)
Outer – ST328A

Mainshaft Bearings:
Rear: ST293 (Also lists a 309)
Pilot – 43356DA or Hyatt U1205

Input Shaft Bearings:
Inner Bearing – ST206
Outer Bearing – ST247 (also states will work for ST248-A. Lists a superceeding number of 40031 as a replacement for # ST247/ST248-A)

Countershaft (lower shaft) Bearings:
Rear – ST202 (Also lists 209BB)
Front – ST246 (Also lists 206L)

Pinion Shaft Bearings:
ST201 (also lists PB38)

Differential Carrier Bearings:
ST227B (Also lists 1212AG New Departure – same as inner axle bearings)

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  1. Craig Rasnic

    Another awesome video sir I’ll be using these for a how to series for the axle bearings and PTO seals on my M. I also recently acquired an Oliver 77 row crop that so far appears to need nothing and a 1952 Farmall H with a factory wide front that needs some work

  2. IH Us

    Hello Kenny
    I'm fired up for this series of the H going back together. Thanks for sharing all the information and part numbers, I'm sure that will help alot of guys/girls with there H projects or repairs 👍

  3. starflite3

    Good work Kenny. Thanks for the video. I'm waiting on my glyptal. Then I can start assembly.

  4. John Martin

    No way to drive a ball bearing, brass chips, bent separator

  5. Brian Zinuticz

    Its amazing how equipment back then can still outlast new equipment. You would think technology advanced over the years. I usually cut the grass with a lawn mower from 1964. Its a simplicity 606 8hp rider. The darn thing has less problems than our other 3 year old rider and we work it hard.

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