the FIRST DailyFoz Vlog! The videos where I’m gonna share with you all the maintenance, repairs and mods I’m gonna do to my new daily drive SF5 Subaru Forester.
They are not gonna be HOW TO videos BUT, I’m still gonna show you how I do everything on my cars (So you can DIY on yours!) and also give you some tips along the way. Plus I’m gonna share with you all the tools, gears and parts I use to do so.

In this first DailyFoz Vlog I’m gonna start with the basic maintenance on my 1999 Subaru Forester.
Some stuff I like to do right after buying a new car, even if the previous owner claimed to had it done. This include:
-Oil change with oil filter change
-Air filter change
-Fuel filter change
-Windshield wipers change
-New license plates

The oil I use :
Castrol GTW 10w40 :


Thank you guys for watching and see you next week !

🖤 Oh ! And you can also check Lizanne’s channel for more girly adventures :

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  1. andyharwood64

    Ha ha Jordan, removing the oil filter is a dirty job. You're not the only one who forgets to put on disposable gloves ;-b

  2. Wipers

    Love the videos,man! Excited to see the upgrades to come as well as other maintenance videos.

  3. Cajun Aggie

    Congratulations on the new (to you) Forester. Nice having both an off-road setup that is so capable, and a daily driver with all the room and a lot less weight. And hopefully soon, more room for traveling with friends. Wishing you many safe journeys.

  4. seçkin tufan

    Why don't you use Elf or total Oli?

  5. sean hershey

    I need one of those push bars.& tear fog light..( you don’t see them in the US)..

  6. a_room_without_a_view

    Use lemon oil to remove decals

  7. the.rooted. progress

    I've been inspired… I want a daily foz

    Nice pick up btw Jordan! That's a pretty clean foz.

  8. Bjorn Augustyn

    Nice these old Subarus are like Tanks

  9. Mr B

    this sort of vlog fine.
    Is their many SF model foresters available used in France or are they quite rare ?
    Do you have much trouble sourcing parts ?


    ➡️ Tell me… HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS TYPE OF VLOG ?! 👇

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