Stop Getting Your Car Aligned

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⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:
1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:
2. Mid-Grade Scan Tool:
3. My Fancy (Originally $5,000) Professional Scan Tool:
4. Cheap Scan Tool:
5. Dash Cam (Every Car Should Have One):
6. Basic Mechanic Tool Set:
7. Professional Socket Set:
8. Ratcheting Wrench Set:
9. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter:
10. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter:

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  1. Joseph Lynch

    So Scotty the front driver tie rod on my 2009 Frord focus. My question is if it bent 8-9deg would it last 2 months or 20 miles? Wife claims 2 months but I check my tires often

  2. Chief__YT

    Depending on where your tires are wearing also, my tow was extremely off and my shoulders wore completely to the steel belt

  3. Trainfan1055

    My Honda dealership tried to sell me a 4-way alignment and I was like, "naw, I think the car steers just fine.

  4. Robert Deanda

    Yes they try to sell you a paint job too

  5. Tony Nguyen

    Hahaha Audi Q5 is well-known for steering wondering on Hwy, the tires wear perfectly but once it is on the alignment rack it shows a tad of toe in even though it is still in the green and the rear camber was the same, the tech adjusted perfectly in the middle and now the car doesn't wander on the Hwy, all cars will need alignment in its life

  6. cole thomas

    Wow, hopefully no one is listening to this. These are absolutely not the only reasons to get an alignment.

  7. T0rdoff

    Since my dad died, it's been obviously difficult to attain that specific feeling you get when your dad is either giving it to you straight, or looking after you out of his own love.

    But watching Scotty's videos are a close second, even an exact substitution at times.

    Thanks for looking out for me, dad…

  8. mega1miner1

    If the alignment check sheet I print out, when I check your alignment after any job where I think I'll need an alignment or if I feel pull/see uneven tire wear, says your toe or camber is bad then you need an alignment. Doesn't matter if there's no negative symptoms it can increase vibration, accelerate tire wear, cause noise, ect. All things the customer may not notice.

  9. Worker bee

    It's always wise to align your car after you replace components on the power steering unit

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