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Should I Seam Seal My Car Before I Paint It? DIY Car Restoration Tips. Instructional and Educational Videos with My Friend Pete and DIY Auto School. Do It Yourself Car and Truck Paint and Body Jobs. At Home Automotive Repairs. Using Seam Sealer Overall. Car Panel Replacement Instructions. Restoring Old cars and Trucks.

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  1. Mokearoint

    Mini the pissed off body shop girl.

  2. Jason S

    I remember using seam sealer on a 1951 Jag. It was a lot of work hitting all the seams from piecing the whole car back together. Once all the seams where sealed up we rolled it into the paint booth and put primer on the car. The car later got a cheap glossy black top coat that looked okay for being the first time painting a car. The teacher still has the car at his shop and it still looks pretty good after 18 yr old ameture paint job.

  3. Russell Hueners

    I run masking tape on both sides of seam, smooth and pull tape, comes out great

  4. Douglas Schramm

    I found gorillia glue construction glue excellent for caulking and its cheap.

  5. Dean Kay

    Pete, You are exactly right as this is how it is done and what it looks like. I now know how to recreate the same exact look that is under the carpet, seats, dash and trunk. At the dealership under warranty we had dozens of full carpets to replace in 1992, a very popular 4dr car, with leather & supercharger (?&/@X) and this is exactly what it looks like, other than the hands full of bolts, screws, washers, plastic clips, etc. Of course it was the UAW workers getting $68.52 cents per hour w/free healthcare…Nice job dudes. Great job Pete and Minnie. Retired ASE Master Tech. Omaha!

  6. Lone Wolf

    Minnie needs a hug. Don't know where you live but may have to do a roadtrip n give her one. Or you can save me some time n give her one for me. Love your vids

  7. Condone yourself like a professional

    I love when Pete and Minnie fight. It's hilarious lol.

  8. CrazyPainter1000

    Do you seam seal the underneath also?

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