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RUST REPAIR-Patch Panel Replacement-MADE EASY: It’s Time TO Replace The Inner Hood Hinge Apron On Our 1969 Ford Mustang As My Friend Pete Shows Us That You Don’t Have To Use The Whole Panel To Repair The Rot And Rust! It’s A D.I.Y. Lesson That Will Show You How To Save Money And Time Repairing It RIGHT! or 972-420-1293


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  1. Harley Davidson

    first time on here.,…all i have to say is wow…awesome…excellent work Pete…love your channel…

  2. Peter DeCarlo

    Mabey u can up date it to strong arms

  3. Romell Yarde

    Hi Pete I have a question how do I go about repairing a rusted air vent in the windshield water drain without removing the dashboard? This is for a 1996 Mitsubishi Lancer and its getting water leaking into the cabin.

  4. Larry Fazen

    Save time money and expense? Hahaha hahaha hahaha isn't money and expense the same thing? Ha ha ha ha ha ha

  5. Larry Fazen

    Did you ever work in a slaughterhouse? Cuz you are a natural-born butcher

  6. Johnathen Stommel

    Dam that was a good tip and also reinforces my theory that experience comes with time thanks Pete

  7. AMPMVH1Radio UHFsaidso

    Let’s make a 67 GTO out of Stainless Steel , you in ? Lol 😂

  8. MrZiggysc408

    Or you can trace it from the back side sir

  9. dissociative cat

    Fitzee's Fabrication best on youtube

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