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This video is part 2 of the DIY Rattle Can Spot Repair I did on the front bumper cover on my Corolla. We will only be spraying half the bumper and using minimal tools and materials, everything will be masked up instead of removing and refitting. This video we will carry out a minor repair, prepare and mask.

Part 3 will be paint procedure and part 4 will be polishing.

See part 1 for a full list of tools and materials you’ll need to carry out the repair and paint procedure.

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After having a lot of questions about the blade I use while masking a car I decided it easier to include a link to the product here.

Health & Safety Notice:
All of my videos are made in good faith for
entertainment & to help people learn my methods.
Many of the materials I use in my videos are
highly toxic & can be harmful to the human body.
If you are unsure of the health risks of any products
please refer to the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
or TDS (Technical Data Sheet) all products have one,
available online these days but your supplier should print
on request, follow outlined precautions or you may be putting
your health at risk. After watching this video
“Get out there and Paint Some SH!T”

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  1. Todd Lavigne

    very hard to understand a word this guy says

  2. Typey1

    Hi Gunman
    Did you use finer grade paper than what you would usually use because the rattle can paints are thinner?
    Could I use spray can basecoat for small areas then use the gun to clear over, thanks

  3. martymart 2020

    Hi there I've painted my wing and door in a metallic red and clear coated it but when I was looking at it from one way looked really nice but looked from other I can see like tiger strips where I might of stopped halfway across can I sort this basically I got darker lines going upright

  4. mark cooper

    Would you approach it differently if you had to spot repair a metal panel that had a bit of rust?

  5. Davide Petrilli

    Is grit 1500 good for preparing old paint? the new paint clings well?

  6. Davide Petrilli

    if the 1500 is very fine .. why do you use the 1500 to prepare your bumper?

  7. Nikos DIY

    Hey YouTube algosomething wake up. This video series is the best about rattle can car painting. Put it up first in your search results.
    Thank you Gunman!!

  8. Davide Petrilli

    a question … in the cracks between the headlights, grilles, junction between the bumper and the wheel arch .. the paper does not fit well … if you do not dull them inside the paint will not come off?

  9. Alex K

    What grit sandpaper would you use if you were going to be blending the base coat within the same panel? Thanks mate!

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