Make Your Own Diagnostic Equipment (MYODE) Series is a collection of our equipment series for making and understanding of making your own diagnostic equipment.

Full course 0:00
ABS speed sensor simulator 4:03
ABS speed sensor simulator 8:23
AFR O2 sensor and battery draw meter 15:41
Amplified injector and coil detector 23:40
Amplified sensor testing 28:20
CAM and CRK sensor simulator 31:30
How to use CAM CRK sensor simulator 40:10
Drive by Wire motor actuator controller 44:33
ECM memory saver 50:02
Fuel injector pulser 55:00
Stress loaded test light 59:38
Fuse voltage drop short identifier 1:05:06
How to use the fuse voltage drop identifier 1:08:18
Ignition key transponder detector 1:15:31
How to use the Ignition key transponder detector 1:20:11
Ignition DIS COP probe 1:25:18
How to use the Ignition DIS COP probe 1:29:07
Injector and coil magnetic detector 1:33:42
Loaded injector noid light 1:37:19
How to use the Loaded injector noid light 1:41:06
Low pressure transducer 1:45:28
Building the low pressure transducer 1:49:52

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