Windshield Chip Repair. Today I’m going to show you how to repair a windshield rock chip or a crack. The cost to fix a windshield yourself is about 12 dollars. You can do this procedure at home in about an hour. A professional glass repair company quoted me $120 to fix this same chip that I did myself for $12. The windshield repair kit that I use in this video is made by Permatex. Their kit is very similar to a lot of the other kits out on the market. This is a syringe style repair kit. Typically these syringe style windshield repair kits tend to give better results than most of the other DIY kits out on the market.

Parts & Tools I used in this video:
Repair Kit:
Compressed Air:
UV Light:
Hair Dryer:
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  1. john

    I have good luck with these kits. I take a small jewelers drill bit and drill the point of impact down to the sandwich plastic layer, then blow it out, and proceed with the repair. First it gets any dirt out of the impact point, second it allows for a perfect vacuum.

  2. John Fithian-Franks

    If I have to replace a windscreen I have to pay 10% of the cost on my insurance, if I get a chip in the windscreen, my insurance will send someone to wherever I am to repair it free of charge. Having said that it is always nice to know how to do things

  3. John BEE

    Thank you for a very clear and well detailed to how to do this. No steps missed!!! Thank you very much

  4. Ira Berkowitz

    Used the same kit and had similar results. Not perfect. But satisfactory given the price point.

  5. Doug M

    Just wanted to comment that there is a large difference between glass quality amongst manufacturers. Cheap replacement glass may be deemed “oem equivalent” but non OEM or off brand glass is softer, more prone to sandblasting, chipping and often come with defects that distort vision. Looking through a distortion at the rake a windshield has as you move around in the car can get old quickly and even trigger headaches and migraines. PPG and DuPont were some of the best. Don’t forget this is also a structural component in vehicles. Don’t let Safelite anywhere near your car and don’t let your insurance company tell you “equivalent” is the same as OEM.

  6. Bill Jones

    Below freezing outside here. Cold in my unheated garage.
    How to put into sunlight when freezing hate in December to March??

  7. Steve Vise

    I am a retired windshield installation tech. There have been several times that folks brought in a car for a new windshield that broken when they tried to repair it themselves.

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