We had some GREAT times at the Eastwood Summer Classic last weekend. So many great vendors came out to show off their unique products. This demo by Polyvance demonstrates exactly how to use they Mini-Weld 7 plastic welder to repair a bumper.

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  1. Melody

    Holy shit a plastic welder that actually welds

  2. Melody

    I see you are a man of culture who eats pbj on toast, aka the right way

  3. Benjamin Pauza

    Okay welding pros…. Is this soldering or brazing? It’s not welding because he’s not melting the base material correct?

  4. Dylan

    why woukdnt you lay a strip of thay stuff along the whole
    crack and melt it on

  5. catdogs king

    It’s not welding then it’s soldering.

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