BANG! This dent caught me off guard!
This is just a snippet of the full repair video which you can watch on our dedicated YouTube channel @Dent-Remover

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  1. Александр Пермяков

    Жаль, не всегда так легко и просто!

  2. DingKing 75

    Those are THE MOST FUN!!
    Unless the customers try it because They always seem to push in the middle which as us techs know, usually lock up the metal and make It damn near impossible to repair.
    Especially when they get that glue kit off amazon and just keep pulling it over and over until the wind will basically make it oil can. Lol

  3. DingKing 75

    Oh and then (and I try not to laugh) say it Shula be cheaper since they got moist of it out.
    But I do always feel bad to tell them “no unfortunately it’ll be more now because I have to try and redu what they did to get the original dent back then start over and it most likely won’t even look as good because the metal is now most likely stretched.

  4. Dudley do rite

    Did you put any heat on the paint 1st

  5. Christopher Bridges

    There's a lot left to do bud

  6. Mike

    Was it hard to remove the bottom splash cover ?

  7. Sam Papadopoulos

    thats some theraputic stuff right there

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