A Master Automobile Technician Shares 5 Tips on Making Your Modern Turbo Engine More Reliable Long Term.

In this video I share with you 5 tips to prolong the life of your turbo engine and the turbo it has. These are simple easy things anyone can do to their modern turbo engine to make it last longer and not have any issues prematurely.

Also towards the end of the video I’ll share my thoughts on Turbo engine reliability when compared to a non-turbo engine.

I hope this video helps car owners get the most use out of the turbo engines without having issues early.

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0:00 Intro
0:29 What is a Turbo Engine?
2:41 Maintenance Have Never Been More Important
4:20 Warm It Up and Cool It Down
7:14 Let it Breathe
8:18 Drive Smart Not Hard
9:32 Don’t F&F Your Highlander Turbo
13:38 Are Turbo Engines Less Reliable?
17:06 Obvious but Important to Know

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  1. Framingham Pete

    How is the 6th gen 4 runner going to survive any off roading with a 4cyn turbo?

  2. Mace Dindu

    My car is a 1.6L turbo, but I honestly don't worry about it much, because the way I drive, I think it only is relevant like 10% of the time. 😛

    I generally drive like a granny, and a turbocharged car is nice because it doesn't waste gas under those conditions, but does allow me to move quick when needed.

  3. Kevin Varghese

    I would like to hear about turbocharged and supercharged engines for family SUVs. Our volvo has a b6 engine which is a 2.0L 4cyl with a turbo and supercharger and has 300hp. I'm curious to know more about such engines.

  4. Daniel G

    For people who use turbo engines. I highly recommend mobile1 0w-30 ESP. it is the best oil for the job, as it's better at keeping the engine clean, ester based, and good at cold and hot operation, all for a great price.

  5. Daniel Lafferty

    The best thing you do. Do not buy a car with Turbo on it. Cause they're joke.

  6. Joshua C

    Thank you AMD. I have a 2.0L EcoBoost from Ford and it has been treating me well at 130,000 miles. I do oil changes every 3,000 miles, and check it every other tank of gas. It consumes very little oil, and i hope to keep it that way. Lots of country miles on the clock, and many more to come! Then I'll get my toyota

  7. J Hardwood69

    300k ecoboost!!!!!!!!! HATERS GONA HATE!!!!!!

  8. Mac Gilkerson

    Thats why everyone with a turbo learns about Stichion of oil how it coats or stays on components another call for Lucas syn oil additive adds protection for people not to smart about letting turbo cool down

  9. Mike McCormick

    I just bought my first turbo 5 days ago. You're scaring the hell out of me with these rules. I think I'll try to keep the rpms low unless necessary. I have 320 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque so it's still pretty fast even at the lower rpm levels.

  10. Dbchee50

    AMD, thanks for sharing this information with us. It is extremely helpful and useful information. It’s one thing to be able to obtain knowledge and put it to use to repair vehicles. It’s another thing to be able, capable and willing to share knowledge with others. First, you have to care about others to invest your energy, time, and resources. You do so much for your audience and we are truly blessed by you and Mrs. CCN sacrifices. If I had known a fraction of the knowledge you imparted in this video, I would not have purchased one of the vehicles I own. It’s a 2015 MB with a V6, twin turbo engine. MB has 10k/1 yr oil change intervals.That’s crazy enough. I would never let the oil remain in the engine more than 5k miles. I drive it less than 3k / yr. The dealership uses an oil additive to extend the oil, ever though the owners manual states oil additives are harmful to the engine. I just started performing my own oil changes after the last oil change when the dealership added 1-1/2 liters too much. Thanks again for all you share with us! May God continue to bless all you do!

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