Watch as we repair a wiring harness that had been chewed on by a few mice. The video gives you a basic process on how to prepare, solder and repair damaged wiring.

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  1. hydroboost oxiaction

    what happened to Michael

  2. Fred Solomon 3rd

    hey have your ever heard of. no power at yellow memory wire. no power at clock, door locks, trunk. but all fuses are good. when you turn on ignition key it all get power.. any ideals what it could be.?

  3. Chalak Kalle

    This video has a bad audio actually no audio this sucks remove it redo it

  4. Adem1981

    My wires were burning while driving did this but my car won’t start now any help is appreciated please..

  5. Therrin Chisley

    Hello i have a 1996 impala lt1 engine do yall do outside work on harness

  6. Nathaniel Bolden

    I love heat shrink tubing on anything electrical!…

  7. Greg Gonzales

    Shame on y'all using Disney world's name. You will be hearing from an attorney soon buddy.

  8. Neodiy.c0m

    Just curious about some safety issue before I blow up my engine… Is it really safe to solder near the engine area?

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