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” How Can I Find All The Dents In My CAR ? ” Auto Paint And Body Tech Tips. Finding damage in cars and trucks. Learning how to fix major body repairs. Do it Yourself Paint and body with My Friend Pete and DIY Auto School. Use this Tool to repair automotive collisions. Finding imperfections when painting an automobile. Instructional videos and Educational Video Tech Tips.
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  1. The35speedster

    I think he means "Oil canning"

  2. Diamond Jo

    I wonder if you could use a white board marker and cloth the same way for paintless dent repair

  3. William Charles

    Thanks, Pete. You're for real, Dude.

  4. David Wood

    Great Tips… Thanks for Sharing… Brother

  5. Ron Alan

    On repaint job do you have to go to metal or just sand off clear coat and some base than prime?

  6. Robby N jones

    in oz we usually spray a little bit heavy guide coat straight over metal n then do what you do…is it possible to show how to use a "slapper file n dolly " please….i love watching old stuff now I've retired n long gone.. TY Mate..

  7. Scott Shriver

    why do people give a "thumbs down" to someone trying to help,inform, and even entertain??? If its not your thing, move along. Go play your video games while your momma cleans your room and makes you a sammich…

  8. David Garza

    Love the vids. Real teaching going on here .

  9. Robert Edwards

    Good Stuff my friend Pete my s10 will be straight and true no clown show here Bud! Thanks to you and Mini the body shop 👧! DIY May the light be with you!

  10. Ken Sendelofski

    Thanks again Pete, enjoyed the video.

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