In this first-ever episode of “In the Aisles”, Derek from Vice Grip Garage talks with Jared Pink of the YouTube channel “The Questionable Garage”. At the time of their conversation, Jared’s channel had nearly four hundred thousand subscribers, and continues to grow steadily. Among other topics, Jared answers a few questions from viewers, gives advice on how to prioritize projects and specific steps in the restoration process, and talks about his love for electronic systems and fixes.

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O’Reilly Auto Parts presents In the Aisles with Derek Bieri: a podcast of conversations with some of our favorite DIY experts, influencers, online automotive techs and instructors. It’s more than just an entertaining podcast (although Derek is a pretty funny guy). It’s an opportunity for you to get acquainted with other like-minded enthusiasts and their stories, gather some tips & tricks, and hear advice on how to take your project car from dead to drivable. New episodes monthly.

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Vice Grip Garage has been gracin’ the interwebs since 2019 and has pursuaded countless clunkers to run over years. Maybe only half of ‘em had brakes (and that’s being generous). Derek focuses on budget builds, rescues, and how to’s for the common folk. From classic cars to tractors Derek has been there and driven it home 600 miles.


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O’Reilly Auto Parts, headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, has been a household name for aftermarket replacement parts, repair tools, interior accessories, and even professional-grade shop equipment since its founding in 1957. Since then we’ve only grown, and now have over 5000 stores throughout the United States and Mexico–all dedicated to servicing the do-it-yourself and professional customer. The O’Reilly Auto Parts YouTube channel provides another way for us to serve our customers by offering reliable automotive repair and product selection information in a way that is easy to understand, no matter the user’s skill level. Let us help you repair your car with helpful tips and step-by-step instructions to get the job done right.

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