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  1. Damian

    I like your videos. Quick, in the point and always with happy end. 🙂

  2. Mac Donald

    Show any roof top dent repairing at the top of front glass area of any car.

  3. Stephen Johannes

    What did you charge for that?

  4. Business Raptor

    I want to learn this… I've got a very good eye and have always pushed out dents lik thi but seeing that there's special lights and tools really makes me want to take this on. Little dings, for some reason anger me like crazy. Any schooling or training course you would recommend?

  5. Michael Millican

    It is an honor to watch you work it is masterful I don't know why the hell it is so pleasing to watch but it is

  6. Ricardo Cano_r

    My friend good afternoon I really really like to know where you are located because I have a job for you. I need to fix my car. Can you let me know where you’re located? I’m in San Fernando Valley.

  7. Daquan Rodriguez

    Whats ur number i need some work and co-work need some work done

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