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In today’s video we go through the motion of learning how to spray 2 pack car paint and all the steps to prepare the panels on my E39 project.

The colour is BMW black sapphire metalic paint code 475 which was mixed and purchased from our local paint store.

Now all thats left is to fit them, line everything up and enjoy not having a dimpled/hail damaged front end!

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  1. J B

    If you need a guinea pig for your next try, I’ve got a black sapphire 7 series….. 😉

  2. Dbn Poldermans

    Review the red Mazda! What is it exactly? It's stylish a f and beautiful

  3. TheKING

    Hey, just a thought, should you not be wearing facial masks when sanding? You're essentially putting paint particles into the air that you're breathing in!

  4. Marc E

    Worst tutorial for DIY. We need a break down of the process not a shortcut!

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