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  1. Billy Bo Baggins

    If you already have consult plugged up you can also check refrig pressure sens, 1v=100psi . Or ipdm auto active test for quick compressor check.

  2. Jam Ram

    In addition, if you see your A/C hoses with an oily residue, that hose along with O rings and any schrader valves should be replaced.

  3. Zachary Stewart

    Had a customer bring in there own ac compressor to replace of course I look into it and found yes the compressor clutch has failed of course why did it fail Is the question and I found out the evaporator is leaking 😂 and of course it’s on a 2012 Altima with a mushy dash

  4. HvDc5Knight

    Unless you got an Audi and the fan clutch is always supposed to be spinning but a Valve is what allows pressure to pass by, this bit me because I thought AC compressor was bad because the clutch never engaged when i was spining on belt but actually by pullu welds had broken off so the belt pulley did not drive the clutch center causing no pressure and the valve to not open xD

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    I was bummed when Nissan finally fixed their fuck up with those hoses. I used to be able to diagnose why AC wasn’t working over the phone. 02 Maxima AC quit working? Probably lost all your Freon from the upper hose that leak like sieve.

  6. ChrisJRS

    All that and you didn’t even touch the compressor 🤔

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