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Here is a video of the DIY maintenance I performed during this lockdown period on my own new (to me) MX5 NC MK3. Most people just settle with engine oil and filter, however in this video I show what I did and how I changed the gearbox, differential and engine oil along with spark plugs, MAF sensor, radiator coolant and much more. I also fixed a leaking roof issue which caused water in the boot because the drain holes were blocked.

My MX5 (Miata) is a 2006 with roughly 70k on the clock. For a 14 year old car it is in great shape. However, many people overlook really maintenance on crucial components. This is my ‘how to’ MX5 video.

Here is the guide I followed –

Here is the PDF document on fuel trim and how to diagnose problems using it –

Hopefully this video helps a few people. Please do as always like and comment and i’ll get back to you on what, why and how I did this.

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