Car Audio live… going over old pics and chatting about my history in the industry


Sometimes you can get away with cheap audio equipment… but only when the installation is exceptional and the set-up and tuning matches. I have always been on a budget with my equipment and gear but working at a shop had its perks. It’s all about value and quality to me. It HAS to last.


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  1. beast modecustoms

    talk more on the industry please

  2. Bill Newell

    Hey there. Enjoyed your live. Question for you. I know you had the 3 way Mesos and I know you talked about working with Focal. I have a set of the Focal Access 3way and as well as the Meso 3way. Was wondering which you would choose? I would live a Flax set since thats the subs I have, but money doesn't allow for buying a set at the moment. Appreciate your time.

  3. Andrew Reister

    Hello. I was an installer back in the early 2000s and have been slowly getting back into the hobby, after a change-up in 2008. The landscape has changed alot. Cool to see your old install photos. All of my cool projects were finished before camera phones and social media😂

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