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Do not miss this exciting interview with Titch Cormack, star of BBC Two show: The Speedshop, on the biggest hurdle he faced while renovating The Speedshop. Watch this video to find out more!

Check out the key takeaways from Champions Speakers’ exclusive interview with Titch Cormack:

Interview Chapters: 8 Key Moments in this Video
• 00:00 – Intro: Interview with Titch Cormack
• Question 1: 00:18 – What led to your career in TV presenting?
• Question 2: 00:53 – What was the biggest hurdle you faced while renovating a derelict workshop into the now-popular Speed Shop?
• Question 3: 02:10 – Who or what led to your passion for vintage motorbikes?
• Question 4: 03:01 – Reflecting on your time in the military, what did your experience teach you about determination?
• Question 5: 04:01 – How would you define your hosting style?
• Question 6: 04:27 – What do you hope people take away from your public engagements?
• Question 7: 04:56 – What is next in your exciting career?

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🔸 Who is Titch Cormack?

A highly motivated and robust UK Special Forces Operator, Titch has over 20 years’ experience in conventional and covert operations, having joined the Royal Marines as a teenager.

Titch left the forces in 2016, determined to combine the two things he loves – engineering and adventure – so built SBomb, a vintage workshop where he and his team build, transform and customise bespoke motorbikes, as seen on BBC 2’s ‘The Speedshop’.
Described as a ‘souped-up man-cave’, Titch renovated the derelict workshop and turned it into a community space for coffee, beers and mechanical magic! Alongside building and selling vintage motorcycles, Titch and the team also up-cycle modern and vintage furniture, pushing creations to the limit.

Titch was born in Hull, raised in Grimsby and made in the military, but was complete when he retired and built the SBomb, where he now spends most of his days. With his passion for bikes, Titch is an avid expedition rider and racer, having raced for The Royal Navy Royal Marines Road Race Team and competed in Motorcross and Enduro events.

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