Remember that time a random commenter said they would bet $10,000 that the 1936 Hudson Terraplane would never have a windshield installed… then remember when we decided to wager a double or nothing bet against theirs? Well we’re ready to cash in. We have our friend Paul, a professional glass installer, here today to make some templates for the windshield and door glass 😎

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Hiltz Auto Co.
Canning, NS
B0P 1H0


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  1. phil stone

    Chad, put that screen back in the bubble wrap and box or you may live to regret getting it out.

  2. StinkySQL Sixpence

    I just started looking into the jeep that I bought, and it turns out the engine was changed to an old '28 type R Hudson straight six. Yeah, everything is coming up Hudson these days. LOL>


    I see you working of the floor all the time. I use an old ambulance gurney, put a piece of plywood on top, makes a great mobile workbench.

  4. D Williams

    Get rid of the spare tires – they look out of place

  5. Bent Rimmen

    It is a Ferry. I like it. 🇩🇰

  6. Edward Blair

    I think The glass is 3/8 bigger then the hole where the rubber lands and the division bar that divides the glass is another dimension. If you delete the division bar, the glass is wider and the straight edge of the glass is beveled at an angle to give a nice tight line.

  7. Robert Young

    Hi Chad, I was scared when you started chopping, but you did a nice job! If you need brake parts Wildrick Rubber Parts has a lot of new parts for Hudsons – master cylinders wheel cylinders rubber hoses and a LOT more. I got parts for my '37 from them and was very satisfied. Those cars are very low geared 4.11or 4.56 rear axle. IMPORTANT: they have a cork faced clutch running in oil which is very durable if maintained properly. Do not run them dry! they take 1/3 of a pint of Dexron3. Ihave run and rebuilt Hudsons since 1971, if I can send you any information just send a message. Best Wishes, Robert

  8. Del Saul

    You are like Cat on a hot tin roof when you don't have work to do

  9. Del Saul

    You need to put the Window back in the box

  10. Russ Gould

    You could have a movable workbench, save the knees!

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