Join Gordon, a seasoned submariner and merchant mariner, as he shares his inspiring journey of resilience and mental health awareness. Drawing from his unique experiences, including extended submarine missions, he offers invaluable insights that have prepared him for the challenges of the pandemic.

Gordon’s advocacy for mental health in the maritime industry and his efforts to support seafarers shed light on the importance of routine and a positive mindset, transcending cultural boundaries regarding mental health. The maritime sector has made strides in addressing mental health, particularly during the pandemic, but there’s more work to be done.

Discover how Wi-Fi connectivity has revolutionized seafarers’ well-being by enabling vital communication with their families. Gordon emphasizes that involving experienced mariners in decision-making is essential, as they understand the changes required. Training, skills, diversity, and equity are crucial considerations for a healthier maritime industry.

Effective leadership, as Gordon highlights, starts with self-understanding and reflection, with face-to-face communication remaining vital in the digital age. Prioritizing contribution over personal gain fosters successful collaboration, ultimately leading to excellence in training and work. Gordon’s message underscores the importance of self-leadership as the foundation for effective leadership. Join us in this insightful conversation on mental health in the maritime world. Subscribe for more on well-being and personal growth.

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