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Getting older, knees shot, looking at small SUV. Thought why not electric.
Owner: Rob Foster

Getting older, knees shot, looking at small SUV. Thought why not electric.

I like the general exterior, just looks balanced design, not in your face sharp angles. Interior is comfortable well designed and so far everything works as expected. Fit and finish is good. Not a fan of the plastic wheel trims, look good but are PLASTIC. The alloys underneath have to be the ugliest in existence. The previous EV had really nice machined alloys, so i’m disappointed they removed them.

The car drives really well. Plenty of power, especially in sport mode. I normally use eco option and find it is all I need for day to day driving. I love the instant power take off, no lag, smooth and oh so silent. It took a while to get used to the silent start, you sit there and think is it going yet or is there something else I need to do. It has been reliable so far, only 2 months old, and 2600 Ks.

The car has a comprehensive list of safety features, radar cruise, emergency braking, lane keeping, lane departure warning, lane change assist, rear cross traffic alert. It also has full SATNAV with traffic updates.

The radio is terrible unless on FM, it has DAB, which is useless for AM bands (not everyone likes to listen to electronic doofdoof and hip hop music on FM), considering most buyers are over 50 from what I have been told.

It does have android auto and apple car play, but no instructions on how to connect. I spent time with the salesman (over 30 years experience), and he couldn’t work out how to connect them to my phone. I emailed MG 2 weeks ago and received no answer, so a waste of time if you ask me. There is no contact number for MG customer service, sort of makes it an oxymoron I think.

Charging is done at home on the supplied cable (connects to normal power point), takes almost 2 days to charge from 20% to 100%, I am waiting to have my own charger installed, will cost $1600 but then only take about 4 hours. I have never tried public chargers, the information on them and the connectors, charge rates and locations is a bit hit and miss. I charge the car at different levels of remaining charge, anywhere from 20 to 50%, I am doing this for the first few months to ensure the battery charges with a full deep charge.

Improvements, I think that could be made is that it needs a proper owners manual, nothing on connecting your phone, streaming etc. Like I mentioned earlier, MG impossible to contact, sent emails and no reply, no contact number for emergencies which makes it impossible to get help with issues.

I’ve also found that MG is not keeping to the deal of $500 towards home charger, despite it being on their website. Cannot find out max charge rate for battery, dealer does not know, MG don’t answer emails. Need this to have a home charger installed.

Would I buy another or recommend, I am 50/50 here, I really like the car, but dealer/service seem to know very little about it. Maybe just like MG, got your money now, don’t care?

Owner: Rob Foster

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