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Patch Panel Time! or 972-420-1293

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  1. IGotYourBack

    Good work Pete. I had to replace the torque boxes, lower rear quarter, and patch inside the dog house on my Ford Maverick. People asked me, " What's taking so long?"
    I say, " Buddy, when you've replace body panels then you can ask me that question. Its a one man wrecking crew over here."

  2. mayhemron

    hey pete just started restoring an old trans am and found your you videos helped a lot plus you are fun to watch ,keep it up .

  3. FallGuy

    Hey Pete, can POR15 also be used for insides of rocker panels and other panels before they are welded on?

  4. strattuner

    I LIKE THE WAY YOU'RE ONE DEDICATED SOGun, and I really like the way you train that boy of yours,thx for all the videos of how to do it,i've done it for along time,but I like new wrinkles,god bless you and your family PETE

  5. ken minor

    Eastwood Company sells those spot weld pliers. They call them plug weld pliers. They're about $33

  6. Lucy Gonzalez


  7. Sansui Mcpeters

    @ 58 seconds in bake ground sound like some one smashed there finger as you can here a holler

  8. loscarnm

    Amazing Job Pete!!!

    Happy New year to you guys too.

    I know It's February, but have a nice year any way.

  9. Graham Bell

    Pete I’m in Australia and I love ya guidance! You just answered my question about gluing down the roof panel 👍 I m repairing an Australian Chrysler, unfortunately some wanker jumped on the roof and stuffed the inner bow! I’m replacing the bow from a doner car as the roof is quite repairable! Thanks for your help mate!

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