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  1. 1730Stradplayer

    Try doing tops on a limo and hearse! Its nightmare~

  2. Boar Hog

    This is a shit way of doing a installation
    As you see most of the video in missing because of the problem they had. They should be doing it in sections rather then doing the entire top. . I would be doing it from side to side as well. gauranteed they had all these problems because they bit off more then they can chew by doing too much at 1 time. cost more time in the long run

  3. Boar Hog

    thats because these guys are doing it the hard way…way to much work, and effort, as well you don't need the windows out to o this job

  4. Boar Hog

    you can see these guys are not the best at it, but i am sure they do a good job at the end of the day but create way too muck work and effort the with there method.

  5. Boar Hog

    not if you do it in smaller is common sense when you do too big of a area it is far more difficult, and risky to do

  6. ChiTown Garage

    Hey Pete u think I should install Vynil top on my 66 Chevelle before body work? Or after body work? Right now it's in primered?

  7. ChiTown Garage

    The top is good on body work just the bottom check it out in my channel n let me know what u think?

  8. LilWyble225

    Shit, I was gonna try to replace my 65' Caprice's vinyl top myself, but not now after watching this. I guess I'll leave that up to the pro's.

  9. youreallbrainwashed

    what i want to know is how they did it to cars on the assembly line? because theres no way they could do it slow like this? i wonder if they had the vinyl fabric covers already moulded to the shape of the roofs, then it was just a matter of gluing them down? and thanks for sharing pete.i wish you could do more interior videos, because theres really not all that many good ones on youtube. 

  10. Armando Florez

    I wanna do that to my car pls help me here

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